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When it comes to Security, it is obvious that the system is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Three factors that figure in most security considerations are Authentication, Authorization and Auditing. With Authentication one can be confident of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message. Authorization usually involves User name and Password. Auditing useful logged information on user access enables assigning responsibility for user actions. The goal is to have a cloud HMI that is secure enough for everyday use while exhibiting reasonable performance and reliability characteristics.

  GoToMyHMI is a certified secure site...

GoToMyHMI is a certified secure site that you can trust. It is secured with a Web Server Certificate (from and all connections and transactions, from any standard browser (iPhone, iPAD, Blackberry, Smartphone, Tablets, etc.), are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

All remote browser access to your HMI servers (behind your firewall) is controlled by your policy. InstantHMI uses only secure connections (SSL/TLS) for TCP/IP communications. Your Admin will setup designated ports to InstantHMI access behind the firewall in accordance with company policy. In addition, he will also setup User Names, Passwords and other access parameters including alarms, data entry, etc. from Cloud Nodes, which could be ‘across the room, or across the world’.

Your HMI project tag database does not go beyond your firewall. Only the permitted encrypted data is accessed from the browser. No communication protocol request/response strings are traceable beyond your firewall.


Ease of Use and intuitiveness of the user interface are essential for user acceptance. Building a complex fortress chock full of functionality is futile if user acceptance is lacking.

  Establishing cloud access to InstantHMI...

Establishing cloud access to InstantHMI is as easy as 1-2-3:

     1. Install InstantHMI 6.1 with Cloud capability and develop HMI in the traditional way.
     2. Establish GoToMyHMI cloud service business arrangement with Software Horizons.
     3. Setup user access security policy.

You are ‘Ready to Go’. Use any standard browser on any device; no downloads, no tedious installs, no plug-ins. Login and you have the HMI in your hands where you are: factory cafeteria, or parking lot, or on the beach, or even the golf course!

Switch projects, switch screens, view alarms and acknowledge them, even perform remote control data entry as permissible. There is also an available option to confirm that your actions took in the factory or the field using integrated web-cam views.


Get your HMI screens updated in seconds, typically 5 seconds. Of course, the speed depends on Internet connection speeds, latency and network traffic. Mobile Smartphones with expensive data plans or limited bandwidth may require slower update times (30 secs). Faster speeds are possible with available ‘Dedicated GoToMyHMI Server’ option.

  Receive Alarm notifications instantly...

Receive Alarm notifications instantly by email wherever you are. Click on the link provided in email and ‘GoToMyHMI’ displays your HMI screen. Click on the icon for the alarm view and ACKnowledge buttons. Take prompt action from where you are. No tedious side trips needed to assess the situation before taking action.

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